[MS x Jujutsu Kaisen] 不義遊戯 | Aoi Todo Insidious (Special Grade Mission)


This video showcases my clear attempt of Aoi Todo’s Special Grade mission, which requires you to clear the quest using a full team of Fire element units.

Extra Notes
• Since you no longer have element advantage in this quest, all enemies effectively have 3 times the HP; Cutthroat berries, along with the 10% HP Cut medal item, are both very helpful to have (as if they aren’t already handy in general).
• Managing the mermaid mobs is more important than ever; their attacks and any Damage Walls they produce cover a wide area, and they also deal a LOT more damage due to the boosted elemental damage multipliers.

0:00 Prep
0:20 Battle 1
1:44 Battle 2
3:01 Battle 3
4:47 Boss 1
7:18 Boss 2
9:13 Boss 3
11:26 Results

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